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With more than 20 years of experience in the Honey Industry, we run daily activity and long-term strategies ruled by Parodi Group’s (stablished in 1918) principles of family values with global vision. Serving the food industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and world’s leading packers on a daily basis with world-wide variety of honey inventory and state of the art processing equipment. The development reached by Matrunita Mediterranea goes beyond trading and preparation of blends for the industry. Our multicultural and customer service oriented staff is our most valued asset and our structure provides tailor made solutions for any Honey user. Own internal lab enable us to perform high quality controls and comply with international standards of food products. We are all looking forward to be your “honey solution” business partner. At Matrunita Mediterranea we believe that honey is an ingredient that can enhance any food product and may become a powerfull marketing tool for your products. Just use it.


We can supply almost every variety of Honey produced in the world. If the one you search is not available within our range of products we would be pleased to explore the whole supply chain in order to find it for you using our own worldwide companies network. In general, honey is classified by the floral source of the nectar from which it was made. Honeys can be from specific types of flower nectars or can be blended after collection. The pollen in honey is traceable to floral source and therefore geographical region of origin.

Raw Honey

Also known as wild flower honey, obtained from the nectar of many types of flowers. The taste may vary from year to year, and the aroma and flavor can be more or less intense.

Polyfloral Honey

It is made mainly from the nectar of one type of flower. Different monofloral honeys have a distinctive flavor and color due to the differences between their main nectar sources. To produce monofloral honey, beekeepers keep beehives in an area and for a given amount of time where bees have access to only one type of flower.

Monofloral Honey

We “know how” to prepare and process any kind of Honey blend to be used in the food, packing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry; it is also used in the baby-food.

Semi processed Honey

Our specialized research and marketing team is always enthusiastic to share their experience and product knowledge to help you boost sales by creating value. Matrunita Mediterranea run real research activities as a member of Piemonte Region Innovation Center “Tecnogranda” in collaboration with the University of Genoa. We enjoy the challenge of developing tailor made blends, benchmarking our competitive products to offer a better purchase option and exploring the rarest honeys on earth you may need.

Innovation product & services

For us, “Making you feel safe when buying honey abroad”, means that we‘re only deliver the right product, implement food safety and food defense measures - but also offering real guarantees. We offer premium insurance coverage to our customers trough the Allianz Insurance in case of a possible interruption due to an accident or defect product

Real Guarantees


We projected and built a 70 ton daily capacity plant with the aim of protecting product quality parameters, workers safety, and our environment through innovative approaches: Continuous and fast heating oven: Raw honey is removed from drums without melting it completely to protect its quality. Multiple filtration station doc: Wide range of meshaccording to customer specification. Real homogenization: Tank agitation, blades design and recirculation technology guarantee that the final batch is actually uniform. Pasteurization at demand: we can increase liquid shelf life and reduce bacterial charge of raw Honey with our state of the art Honey processing equipment positioning Matrunita Mediterranea as one of the leading companies in the beekeeping sector in Europe.



Logistic and bulk packaging expertise

From bags of honey powder, IBCs, Pails, Drums to our own dedicated 24 ton Tankers, Matrunita Mediterranea can search together with you what is the best way to make our products arrive in the fastest and safest way to your operation worldwide. Strategically located the Liguria Region, within the Port area of Vado Ligure, near Genova, we are at only 1,500 km away from main cities within Europe and the north Africa area.

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